bellephegor whispered:
art (haA _(:3 」∠)_) style thing: I think usually the shape of your heads are one of the most distinct things about your art?? like the chins and the cheeks especially~ ALSO!! the eyes yup uvu

omg why did i never see this aaaAAAAA////// ////A/////




So to those that might not get many asks or just dont know what pose they might want to do here is the Palette-Pose Maker!!

Palette: [x]
Poses: a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h

And I think it goes without saying that if you get a number+letter that dont exist pick again!


i tried getting rid of my art block

so i decided to try draw my art block in hope of getting rid of it

well, it didn’t really work out, so maybe if it looked more menacing and shit like that

what the SHIT did i just do

but it didn’t stop there

and then the final evolution

and now this little shit’s the only decent thing i can draw

少しだけ 心に 触れて

this is the most decent thing i’ve drawn all week

now can someone teach me how to paint with photoshop

<drawn while listening to this>

bucky-banres whispered:
can you draw my husband shinkai?? pleaseee? ( ˘ ³˘)❤


sure! (´∀`)

30 days OTP challenge NSFW!!!version


  1. Cuddles (naked)
  2. Kiss (naked)
  3. First time
  4. Masturbation
  5. Blow job
  6. Clothed getting off
  7. Dressed/naked (half dressed)
  8. Skype sex
  9. Against the wall
  10. Doggy style
  11. Dom/sub
  12. Fingering
  13. Rimming
  14. 69
  15. Sweet and passionate
  16. In public place
  17. On the floor
  18. Morning lazy sex
  19. Outdoors, woods, parks, gardens
  20. Your own kink
  21. Shower sex
  22. On the desk
  23. Trying new position
  24. Shy
  25. With toys
  26. Boring sex
  27. Rough, biting, scratch
  28. Role playing
  29. With food
  30. Whatever pleases you

Probably will start from monday :P

taemlahv whispered:
WAAAAAH THANKS FOR DRAWING MY REQUEST!! he looks so cute! uwu (also... a cake baker)

uu no problem! uwu it was really fun and interesting au! \^q^/ tho tbh i think manami would just fall asleep in all his cakes or something

taemlahv whispered:
manami as a baker uwu

what kind of baker? ówo