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ok i did the thing and also i sang the WHOLE of love hime ur welcome 

here we go again ive done this like 723489172398 times so i wont tag anyone this time uvu

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this just in art student doesn’t know how to use colours

for horrible colour palette challenge



Hi there anon!

I’m thinking about it, but I’m not all that knowledgable at using RPG maker VX ace; I kinda just bought it a while ago and never really got into it. However, there’s a TON of online tutorials both on the website and on the forums, so I can probably learn enough about it to make this happen if this is a project that you guys want to see.

If this actually becomes a thing you’ll probably be able to have Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, and Nya as options for your party (and maybe PIXAL if she becomes more prominent in the series). The rest of the characters will probably be NPCs. I’m pretty sure that you can have a maximum of four characters in your party at one time, but you can switch them out and choose which four you want.

As for the actual stages, I’m thinking about breaking it up into “episodes,” each of which would correspond to one episode of the show. This is because, really, Ninjago’s pretty fragmented in episode structure (I mean, we went from kid ninjas to a time paradox in two episodes)
I’m thinking about maybe doing it the way that the Lego games do it, like Lego Star Wars, where you can choose to repeat levels and stuff from a central room where you start after each level. However, you’d have to clear the level before it to do a level, obviously. For the room thing I was thinking about doing the “headquarters” of each season (pilots would be the monastery, season one would be the destiny’s bounty, season two would probably be Dareth’s dojo, and season three would be Borg tower, or maybe the school.)

However, this would be a HUGE project, considering the fact that we’d need a ton of sprites, dialogue things (which basically look like head shots of the characters to show who’s talking), not to mention a ton of maps, which is the main hangup. They have an in-game generator for sprites and the dialogue head things, but we’d have to do a lot of it on the sprite sheets by hand. I have templates for the sprites and they’re pretty easy to use, but there’s just a lot to do.

Does anyone in the fandom have experience with VX ace (or any of the other RPG makers, there’s a ton of overlap)? And as for the art aspect, would anyone be seriously interested in doing sprites and/or dialogue indicators for this project? Should we actually do this? Should I make a separate blog just for this project? PLEASE, if anyone has any feedback at all, let me know! I’d really really love to hear any of your ideas, even if you just want to convince me to include Kai’s toothbrush as a playable weapon in the game!

(Making this an actual post so that I can tag it)

I could do the art if you want, depending if i I am available.

As for the RPG Maker, I can’t say I’m great at it, even if I actually attempted to use it numerous times, especially back when I had my thesis. But my youngest bro helps me about that, so I have little ideas

whispers i want to help too

Anonymous whispered:
Will you be debuting that Professor Layton slot machine cosplay prop somewhere? Perhaps an event, maybe even at a convention?

Yes we will! Me and my homodachis bellephegor and s-ekki will be cosplaying the various Lukes with the gun (and a ‘correct/incorrect’ sign) at Anime Festival Asia Singapore! I’ll probably post pics too. ówò

[yuko will be legal luke im gonna be small luke (curious village - lost future) and katsu’s going to be smallest luke (mask of miracle - azran legacy)]

s-ekki whispered:
stein's gate, dangan ronpa, nge, aku no hana, samurai champloo, deadman wonderland and elfen lied


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there should be the palette art challenge except with that ugly palette photoset


the deed has been done (heres the post i got these from)

im sorry for the distinct lack of art on this blog pls take this month old drawing of toudou on scrap paper

we’re working on it

enyaga whispered:
I'll go with the ones I've watched, haha. Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Pokémon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Shingeki no Kyojin, Bleach, Eden of the East, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, FLCL and One Piece. THERE YOU HAVE IT.

WOW MIGA THAT’S A LOT but I’ll try answer all of them to the best of my ability uwu

(everything under cut)

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